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Healing The Heart's Soul


I open the chamber of my heart from the very core of my soul.

My soul soars forth.

My soul memory reach out to my spirit self.

Moving through time and space .

Embracing all that I am.

In my spirit self, I am light.

My light shines and the energy is filled with love and compassion.

As my light moves forward it’s vibration raised higher and higher.

Within my vibration is compassion and unconditional love.

I reach for home. My light shining bright.

I merge with the oneness of all that I am, oneness with the father.

In this I know bless. I draw it down through my vibration into my heart.

The oneness moves though out the chambers of my heart.

Embracing the love of the I Am Self, The God Self of my spirit and soul.

Healing my souls heart.

Tammy Roupp

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