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The following, is the training and courses Rev. Tammy Roupp

has received since 1997:

Pathways of Light The Ministerial Curriculum, including:


Step 1: Getting to Know & Trust the Real You

132: Self-Image Transformations

112: Knowing Your True Purpose

111: Awakening to Your True Self

114: The Transforming Power of Trust

115: How to Be Loving, How to Be Loved


Step 2: Strengthening Your Awareness of Inner Wisdom


203: Introduction to A Course In Miracles

113: Empowering Yourself by Changing Limiting Mental Habits

802: Oneness Awareness

202: The Healing Bridge of Symbols & Rituals

801: Receiving Inner Wisdom — Tool for Self-Transformation



Step 3: Bringing Inner Guidance to Your Relationships 


301: Christ Vision

401: The Synergy of Intimate Relationships

210: Star Child — Seeing the Innocence Within

201: Adventure into the Sacred Life — Introduction to Spiritual Ministry

805: Attracting Nurturing Personal Relationships


Step 4: Ordained Ministerial Counselor Training


1001: Course Facilitator Training, Part I

1101: Spiritual Awakening Group Facilitator Training

1002: Course Facilitator Training, Part II

1102: Healing Inner Child Group Facilitator Training

220: Spiritual Ceremonies

901: Introduction to Miracles Practice

2000: Accessing Inner Wisdom Counselor Training


Licensed Massage Therapy and Reiki Master Training


The Mt. Nittany School of Massage, 1997 

            >  Shiatsu and Polarity Therapy

             > Swedish Massage and Foot Reflexology

             > Connective Tissue Massage

             > Neuromuscular therapy

             > Sports Massage

             > Elderly Massage


Mother Massage, 1997

Reiki Master, 1999

Magnified Healing, 1999

CranioSacral Therapy Level l and ll, 2000

Core Zero Balancing   Level l, 2006

Core Zero Balancing Level ll, 2012

Theta Healing , 2013

Advanced Theta Healing, 2013

Freely Moveable Joint, 2014

Matrix Energetics, 2014


Prior to 1997, Rev. Tammy worked as an Occupational Therapy Assistant

before going to school for Massage Therapy. 

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