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I’m a knowledgable massage therapist who does spiritual work. The massage, reiki and energy work I do is guided by spirit, so it is very intuitive work. I want your experience with me to be a light-filled experience.


I work with each person’s DNA. When I studied Theta Healing, I realized I had already been receiving information from Spiritual Teachers about how to work with DNA. 


Our DNA is created from the first breath of God. It holds everything. All our lives, all our memories.


Working with a person’s DNA is on the emotional level and spiritual level — I first ask you as my client to visualize the DNA strands, and then I ask what do you feel and see — it’s very interactive. We then learn what wants to be released. I will ask my clients to identify something and then ask, “Are you ready to release it? What energies are within you? What feelings are you ready to let go of?” Even though I see things intuitively, I may not always tell you what I see because then you don’t have ownership of it. 


I have great respect for all of my clients who are on my table. I know that if they want me to see something, they will show it to me. If they want to talk to me, they will express it. Everything I ask my Guides in terms of helping them heal, is for their highest level. I don’t need to be shown all their lowest points. They have the energy and power to heal from anything.


In my personal life, I am survivor of abuse and violence, so I create my office as a sacred space. I approach each person’s healing as a sacred experience.


In addition to massage and energy work, I provide counseling as an Ordained Ministerial Counselor. I help people and couples remove spiritual blocks. 


When I work with couples, I help them understand how they relate to themselves and to other people. We identify whether they’re in a master/servant relationship, a parent/child relationship, a relationship of denial. These counseling sessions help them express things to their partner in an “I” statement. For example, “this is how I feel,” or “this is what I need.”  It teaches them not to put the blame on the other person for their own happiness. Identifying roles, behaviors and patterns help people understand why there may be communication issues, or lack of communication. 


One of my favorite courses and teachings is the one that taught me intimacy — “in to me see.” And it teaches you to be intimate with yourself —all your feelings, all your everything. Know who you are. 


I also provide tarot card readings, but not in the traditional way. I have multiple cards that I utilize in my readings. I do past life regression, and with theta healing — soul retrieval. An aspect of soul retrieval is to do a Guided Meditation where the client is seeing their soul essence — the spirit — as a shiny ball and ask them to describe what it looks like, and have them describe it without putting words in their mouth, i.e. what does the surface look like, are there colors surrounding it, what does it feel like — any cracks or dents? What happens in our lifetime, and all of our lifetimes, is that each person we meet that we feel something passionately for — whether it is love or hate, or something that deeply impacted our lives — we leave a piece of ourself behind and that leaves us fractured. And we need to retrieve those pieces. When we’re in a loving relationship, it’s a give and take of receiving and giving of energetic pieces of ourselves. When that relationship break up, there may be an aspect of us that feels broken. If you’re constantly in your mind going over the relationship, over and over again, thinking “I should have done this,” or “I could have done that,” or “Why didn’t I do this,” type of thing, then you know you left a piece of your energy. With soul retrieval, you’re retrieving back that part of yourself. 


Lastly, I offer and provide space for meditation classes and groups. I’d love to start a group that meets weekly. 


If you’re interesting in joining a Meditation Class or Group, please email me the day(s) and time(s) that you’re available to meet.


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